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Why I Believe What I do Has Value (a call to be a conscious shopper)

My love of rocks started out as a hobby. There is often a fear that when you take a hobby and make it a career you wi...

Why You Need to Include Included Quartz in Your Life

Please excuse the corny pun, but you really should include included quartz in your life. I always say that one of the...

The Crooked Tree

This past summer I posted a story on my Facebook page about a crooked tree in my campground on my summer holiday that...

New Beginnings

New beginnings can be accompanied by a complex mixture of emotions. Excitement, joy, uncertainty, trepidation, doubt…...

The Effects of Spiritual Abuse on the Spiritual Journey

Spiritual abuse can occur any time religious doctrine or beliefs are used to defend the mistreatment of someone or to...

Playing with Rocks

A little over a year ago I was talking to my kids about why they had to learn so many different things in school. I t...

About Tamara and Metamorphic Spirit

Hello and welcome to Metamorphic Spirit. As you can see by my inventory, I have a love for and a connection to rocks ...
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