New Beginnings

New Beginnings

New beginnings can be accompanied by a complex mixture of emotions. Excitement, joy, uncertainty, trepidation, doubt…. can all be experienced even if the new beginning is the result of a welcomed new change, perhaps even instigated by our own actions and desires.

My family is on the eve of a very important new beginning. Tomorrow my daughter begins a new phase of her medical treatment. It is a welcomed and long awaited change. Regardless of this fact, I have experienced every one of the emotions I mentioned above, and more, in the last week and even in the last 24 hours.

September can be a time of new beginnings for many people. A new school year, perhaps children going away to college or university or the beginning of a college or university class yourself are all examples of new beginnings. My mother was a teacher, my father was a university professor. I taught for 15 years. As a result I often think of September as the beginning of the year. In fact, when I say “the beginning of the year” I rarely ever mean January. I mean September.

I am offering a special New Beginnings email reading. If you are in the midst of a new beginning and would like a little guidance let me know and I can conduct a new beginnings spread reading for you and email you photos of the cards along with an interpretation of them with the messages I receive from your guides. New beginnings can be an uncertain time, but our guides and the universe are always there to help us along.

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