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Amazing Amethyst: The Must Have Crystal for Everyone, Not Just People Born in February

Amethyst is the first crystal I could identify as a child. It was an easy one to learn. Every member of my childhood ...

Garnets, More than Just January's Birthstone

Garnets, the birthstone of January, is a metamorphic stone that perfectly demonstrates why I named my business Metamo...

Galaxite- A New Discovery (well, for me at least)

Galaxite – when I first saw a picture of galaxite I assumed it had gotten its name from the appearance of tiny stars ...

Fabulous Fire Quartz: The Crystal You Never Knew You Needed

I love fire quartz. Also known as hematoid quartz, fire quartz is clear quartz with hematite inclusions. The hematite...

Ajooba Stone – What Constitutes Unique or Precious

I have loved rocks and crystals my whole life. I do not claim to know everything about all rocks and crystals but I w...


I am so very excited to be adding several zeolites to my site. They are powerful crystals indeed. In fact, I had to t...
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