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About Metamorphic Spirit

Hello, my name is Tamara Pasztor, the artist, owner and creator of Metamorphic Spirit. Every item purchased from Metamorphic Spirit was handmade, with love by me.

My work is inspired by nature and made with items from nature. It all began several years ago, when I wanted to do something nice for a friend, so I used my love of rocks and crystals to make her a wire wrapped family tree. Years later, I am still making trees and much more. 

I am located in a small town in Alberta, where I enjoy observing nature each day on my drive into town. I spend much of my summer in the mountains of central British Columbia, where I get much of my inspiration. 

The only other "employee" of Metamorphic Spirit is my head of shipping and receiving, my senior beagle, Maya. She helps me deliver orders to the post office each week.

When you order from Metamorphic Spirit you are supporting a small Canadian business, helping me support my family and continue to create new works of art. Each piece will always be handmade right here in Alberta.

Artist, Owner, Creator...

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    Where to Find Metamorphic Spirit Art

    • Nirvana 101: Medicine Hat, AB
    • The Steaming Cup: Brooks, AB
    • The Spike and Spur Mercantile: Tilley, AB
    • The Salty Mare: Duchess, AB
    • Chainsaw Spirit: Irvine, AB

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