Playing with Rocks

Playing with Rocks

A little over a year ago I was talking to my kids about why they had to learn so many different things in school. I told them that by learning a little bit about a lot of things it would help them figure out what they were really interested in. That way could decide what they really enjoyed, learn even more about that topic in college or university and make their career out of something they loved. My son gave me a confused look. So I said to him, “When you are older you can have more say in what classes you take. You can study whatever you want. If you decide that is what you want to do, you can put the time and energy into going to college or university or whatever kind of training your dream job needs. Then you so can do something you love every day.”

He gave me a look so skeptical it can only be pulled off by a six year old boy, and replied “Really mom? If that is true then why aren’t you playing with rocks for a job?” You have been in school FOREVER (I was finishing up my Master’s degree at the time but in my defense the first two degrees came before he was even born) and your job has nothing to do with rocks. And you LOVE rocks”.

He was right. I was about to finish my third university degree and my career had nothing in common with anything that I LOVED the way I love rocks. Why wasn’t my job “playing with rocks”? Why do we tell kids they can do anything they put their mind to? That they can have a career that they are passionate about? That they can do what they love and get paid for it? But we refuse to believe this same message is true for ourselves?

It’s time we started believing our own hype. It’s time I started making a career out of playing with rocks.


*** Shortly after this conversation I started my company, Metamorphic Spirit. Although it has grown to include two of my other dreams, intuitive oracle card readings and soul coaching, it all began with me playing with rocks. My rock and gem artwork and jewelry feeds my soul, brings joy to others and, yes, is even now one of my jobs. Thanks little man for giving your mama a reality check.

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