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Why You Need to Include Included Quartz in Your Life

Please excuse the corny pun, but you really should include included quartz in your life. I always say that one of the things that fascinates me about rocks and crystals is that no two are alike. I could look at millions of them in my lifetime and never see two that are identical. This is never more true than when holding a piece of included quartz in your hand. 

Included quartz gets its name from the inclusions, or minerals that have grown within the quartz crystal as it formed. There are many types of inclusions that can be found in quartz. Phantom quartz, amphiboles and tourmaline, are just a few examples. For a wonderful explanation of some of the common types of inclusions check out the web page "the quartz page"

I love science (two of my university degrees are science degrees), so I find the scientific explanations for how we get such amazing variety in included quartz fascinating. My love of included quartz, however, goes beyond a scientific explanation. Looking into a piece of included quartz is like peering into another world. I feel like I am catching a glimpse of another planet or another dimension or just a secret little world contained in the magical crystals I hold in my hand. The sense of wonder and magic can have an amazing effect on my energetic vibration. It raises my vibration and refocuses my thoughts to a place of possibility and excitement.

Clear quartz is a powerful amplifier. It amplifies our intentions and it also amplifies the properties of any other crystal or mineral that it is paired with. That is another thing that makes included quartz so powerful. It amplifies the healing properties of the minerals that are held within the quartz crystal.

I have used included quartz in the past as a way to both calm and focus my mind, as well as calm my family. When you look at a piece of included quartz the detail pulls you in. It can cause you to slow down and focus on world of the quartz piece. It is the perfect distraction in times of stress. 

If all of these reasons don't convince you that you need to include included quartz in your life, just take a look at a piece. The beauty of it alone will convince you.

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