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The Crooked Tree

This past summer I posted a story on my Facebook page about a crooked tree in my campground on my summer holiday that inspired a series of three limited edition pendants. The last of those pendants found its home last weekend so I am re-posting that story on here. I put a lot of love into every piece that I make. I am always overjoyed when those pieces "find a good home". My hope is that the loving energy I put into all my jewellery and artwork will enhance everyone who comes in contact with it.

Here is the story of the crooked tree:

I am savouring my last couple days of my BC trip. The night before I left the last camp ground I took this picture of a tree that was growing in our site. I love this tree. It is so unique and I couldn't help but wonder what conditions it had to overcome to grow that way. We can learn a lot from this tree. What struck me was the thought that in a forest full of straight, tall, beautiful trees I was only taking a picture of the one that stood out as different. It is not that the other trees were not magnificent, it is just that this tree was the one that I noticed and remembered. So the next time you feel strange or odd or that you stand out too much - remember- which tree made an impact??? The one that banded in? Or the one that stood out as different?

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