October's Beautiful Birthstones

October's Beautiful Birthstones

October offers a choice of wonderful crystals for the October babies. 

Opals are the traditional birthstone for October. Opals come in several varieties, making it a versatile birthstone. Opals come in many colours, including white, pink, yellow, green and blue. Dendritic opals have mineral inclusions or “dendrites”, resulting in interesting patterns. Opals can also have flashes of colour or “fire”. These opals are much more rare and difficult to cut into jewelry ready stones, making them more expensive.

Opals are a very spiritual; crystal and are said to reflect the mood of the wearer. They help with creativity and stipulate the flow of inspiration form the universe. Opals are also associated with love, passion and loyalty. With so many different colors available, individual opal varieties can also offer additional benefits. Pink opals are wonderful for the heart chakra and attracting love. Blue opals can help with communication and yellow opals can help tap into your personal power. 

Even with all the variety of opals, it is nice to have even more options and tourmaline is that option. Tourmaline also comes in multiple colors and is also a very powerful and versatile crystal. Black tourmaline is grounding and helps remove negative energy. Pink tourmaline stimulates the heart chakra and attracts love and helps with self acceptance.

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