All the Beautiful Blues of September

All the Beautiful Blues of September

September is all about the beautiful blue gemstones. Sapphires are the primary birthstone for September. Sapphires are a form of conundrum and one of the hardest gemstones, making it both physically and energetically strong. Sapphires represent winsome and good fortune. Historically they were used as engagement rings because they are also a symbol of faithfulness and sincerity. Sapphires also bring calm to the spirit and mind, making it easier to focus and remain peaceful.

Sapphires can be costly, so alternatives are available. Lapis lazuli is often a good alternative because of the deep blue colour, similar to sapphires. Lapis Lazuli is great for the third eye chakra and helps open psychic channels. It is useful for the alleviation of headaches and confusion. Lapis is also a symbol of wisdom, just like sapphires. 

Iolite is another, lesser considered options. It is called a water sapphire and has amazing blue hues. It is good for clearing the third eye chakra to allow inspiration in. Iolite was first called water sapphire because it was beloved by the vikings, to help guid sailors home. 

All three crystals are available as part of the Metamorphic Spirit September Birthstone Collection

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