I am so very excited to be adding several zeolites to my site. They are powerful crystals indeed. In fact, I had to take a break when I began photographing them because being in contact with such a large number of these amazing crystals was overwhelming. The following post is intended to give you an introduction to zeolites. There are many different types of zeolites. Their immense variation is one of the reasons they are such a special and fascinating crystal. I have outlines a few specific subcategories of zeolites, as these are the primary types of crystals I have in my stock. I hope you find this post educational. May it help you in some day experiencing the astonishing power of zeolites.

Zeolites are a group of over 50 minerals that often occur in a crystal matrix with other minerals. While individual types of zeolites can be identified they often co-occur within the crystal matrix and as a result have overlapping shared healing properties.

Zeolites have a long history of being used as a healing stone for a variety of physical ailments including bloating, removal of toxins and addressing addictions. On a metaphysical level they are a powerful healing crystal and can remove and isolate toxic energy. They can be used to focus healing where it is most needed. They stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal and can help with both the physical and emotional effects of addiction and withdrawal.

Zeolites are also useful for gardening. When buried underground they can enhance the fertility and strength of the surrounding plants.

Additional properties are present depending on the particular type of zeolite

Chabazite can help during meditation by grounding the individual while at the same time allowing one to connect to the energy of higher realms. It encourages the release of anger and helps focus your energy to meet difficult challenges.

Apophyllite calms nerves and alleviates anxiety. It can help find a positive solution to challenges by illuminating negative thought patterns. They are high vibration crystals that can help with spiritual awakening.

Stilbite is useful in meditation, as it helps reach other realms and dimensions with greater clarity and connection. It assists in enhancing universal love and a feeling of peace and tranquility. It helps bring clarity and focus to a cluttered mind and brings about a positive focus.

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