May Birthstones: More Options than Just Emeralds

May Birthstones: More Options than Just Emeralds

May Birthstones

My journey to learn about each month's birthstones continues to bring new insights this month. Most people associate emerald with May but there are other options including agate, particularly banded agate, sardonyx and carnelian and a relatively new crystal on the jewelry scene, chrysoprase.

Emeralds are a beautiful green crystal that are a variation of beryl. Aquamarine, another type of beryl,  was part of an earlier blog, as it is a popular March birthstone. Crystals in the beryl group have a distinctive crystal structure and are categorized by the colour. Emeralds grow in a matrix of other stones and get its shine when faceted. When unfaceted emeralds lack the sparkle many associate with it, but the deepo green tones still carry beity and energy that many enjoy in the natural form. 

Emeralds have been highly sought after for centuries. They were mined in Egypt in the 1500s. Egyptians believed emeralds helped with fertility. The Incan Empire was mining emeralds and using them when the Spanish Explorers arrived. Roman soldiers carried emeralds to help increase focus and concentration. 

Traditionally they were believed to bring good luck and help protect against memory loss.

Spiritually, emeralds are associated with the heart chakra and can help aid health and vitality. Emeralds can help bring about unconditional love.

The major drawback to meralds is the cost. Finding emeralds with good colour and clarity and lacking in inclusions is difficult. Making the cost high.

A much more wallet friendly alternative to emeralds is Agate. Agate comes in many forms. Carnelian, banded agate and sardonyx (which is a type of banded agate), are the three forms of agate most commonly associated with May.

Carnelian is the May birthstone as part of the old Hebrew calendar. Carnelian comes in shades of red, to orange to reddish brown. It is associated with the sacral chakra and is excellent for reclaiming your power and igniting passion. Carnelian has a long history. Both the  Roman and Greek empires both prized the crystal. As long ago as 4500 years ago, the Egyptians and Sumarians were using carnelian to craft jewellery.

Banded agate is recognized by its distinctive banding of colours and comes in many different shades and is found all over the world. Banded agate can bring calm and soothing energy to the wearer. Sardonyx is a type of banded agate made from dark browns, reds, oranges and blacks. Like carnelian it helps clear and balance the sacral chakra and can also be useful for grounding, and the health of the root chakra. Sardonyx brings good health and stamina  and can help with stability and self control.

A more contemporary addition to the list is Chrysoprase. Chrysoprase is a good choice for those who want the green color associated with a May birthstone without the cost associated with emeralds. The green colour in chrysoprase is a result of trace amounts of copper  and nickel. The colors can range from very pale green, to bluish green, to dark green and even brown. 

Chrysoprase is found most commonly in Australian. It is associated with the heart chakra and brings good health and love. It can bring abundance  and prosperity and bring new love. It helps with forgiveness, specifically forgiveness of self so you can move forward. 

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The crystal healing information provided here is for guidance only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or service.

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