Garnets, More than Just January's Birthstone

Garnets, More than Just January's Birthstone

Garnets, the birthstone of January, is a metamorphic stone that perfectly demonstrates why I named my business Metamorphic Spirit. Garnets are formed within larger stones, such as schist, when just the right collection of minerals are found together and put under the pressure of the metamorphic process. The heat and stress of causes the garnets to emerge beautiful and far stronger than the surrounding rock. Just like the garnet, we are a result of just the right combination of qualities and our journey makes us strong and beautiful.

Garnets are more than just the birthstone for the month of January. They were traditionally used as engagement rings due to their association with love and passion. Garnets can be red, orange or pink and the power of each coloured garnet has a slightly different energy. Hessonite, or orange garnets can clear and strengthen the sacral chakra. Pink garnets can benefit the heart chakra, and dark red garnets can aid in a healthy root chakra, helping us feel safe to love.

Garnets can be an excellent crystal in situations that seem hopeless, as they heal trauma, increases survival instincts, rids one of patterns that are not working and removes inhibitions to help see a new a path or solution.

In love, garnets are a crystal of devotion, passion and protection. They heighten sexuality and heal past sexual traumas. Garnets can also banish disharmony between partners.

Garnets are also a crystal associated with luck. It is said to be good luck to be given a garnet and bad luck to steal one.

Garnets have uses in physical health as well. They help with healthy lungs, heart, circulatory system and nervous system, aiding in cellular regeneration.

Garnets can be used in crystal grids, kept in the home or worn on the body to keep the energy near. Metamorphic Spirit offers several one of a kind garnet pieces. All Garnet artwork and jewellery is 25% until the end of January

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