Galaxite- A New Discovery (well, for me at least)

Galaxite- A New Discovery (well, for me at least)

Galaxite – when I first saw a picture of galaxite I assumed it had gotten its name from the appearance of tiny stars in a deep night sky. It, however, was named after the town of Galax, Virginia where it was first discovered. The town was named for the galax plant that grows in the area. The universe really is interconnected – from the galaxy above to the flowers that grow under the surface of the earth, to the crystals beneath the ground.

Also called, micro labradorite, galaxite is a new discovery for me. I spend so much time working with crystals that I get very excited when I learn about one that I have never heard of before. Galaxite looks like a deep, dark night sky with tiny sparkling stars. The “stars” come from the micro labradorite specks within the stone. I love the sparkle in labradorite and galaxite gives me a new way to enjoy labradorite.

Galaxite is sometimes called the aura stone because of its ability to fix leaks in auras and strengthen the aura. It is useful for astral travel (another reason why its name is so perfect). It is an excellent stone for empaths, light workers and those in energy work fields. It can strengthen your own energetic filed, stopping your energy from being drained by others around you as well as preventing negative energies from permeating your energetic field.

A must have crystal for light workers, and those in helping professions as it replenished your energy when you feel drained from giving helping energy to others or from connecting to other realms for mediumship, intuitive readings, reiki and other energetic work.

I recently added some beautiful galaxite palm stones and handcrafted jewellery to my shop. Check them out if you feel you need some galaxite in your life.

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