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Fabulous Fire Quartz: The Crystal You Never Knew You Needed

I love fire quartz. Also known as hematoid quartz, fire quartz is clear quartz with hematite inclusions. The hematite within the quartz results in streaks ranging in colour from reddish brown to bright red. It defies logic (think that is part of why I love it so much). Hematite on its own is a dark silvery grey stone. It is also beautiful and powerful, but it is most certainly not fiery red. Yet, within the clear quartz it causes fascinating red flashes and streaks. Even within pieces of fire quartz that do not have large noticeable red streaks the presence of the hematite gives the quartz a flash and an energy that can both be viewed and felt – one just needs to look a little closer.

Fire quartz is a powerful healing crystal because it combines the properties of both clear quartz and hematite. Clear quartz is the ultimate energy clearing and amplification stone. It can open up the crown chakra for divine connection to the universe. It amplifies our intentions as well as the energies of whatever stone it is paired with. Hematite is an amazingly strong grounding stone. It simulates our root chakra helping dispel fears and worry. It helps you focus from a place of calm and protects you from negative energies.

With these two powerhouse crystals combined into one amazing stone it is no wonder fire quartz is so powerful. It balances out our energies, releasing negative energies and bringing in positive energy. It grounds while allowing you to connect with the universe and your higher self. It is transformative for those who struggle with Attention Deficit (ADD), as it calms the mind and focuses thoughts. When fire quartz is worn, new confidence is experienced as the root chakra and the crown chakra are balanced and working together to create a sense of calm and safety while allowing for divine inspiration to be received. 

I love fire quartz in all forms. I personally have a fire quartz sphere in my work space to help me concentrate and wear a fire quartz pendant when I am in situations that require confidence and focused thoughts and speech.  It is beautiful in its natural raw state as well as when it is polished. It is one of those crystals that I go to when I am unsure of what my day will bring me, as it is useful in so many various situations. I feel I cannot go wrong with choosing fire quartz to put in my pocket or wear around my neck when I leave for the day.

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