April Birthstones: Options That Are Easier on Your Wallet and Your Conscience

April Birthstones: Options That Are Easier on Your Wallet and Your Conscience


At this point in history, most people would say diamond is the birthstone for April. It is the most common contemporary birthstone for the month of April. This presents potential problems for anyone seeking a gift that signifies an April birth. The first issue is price. Diamonds are expensive. For this reason, clear quartz is often used as a substitute for diamonds, because both have the same clear color and sparkle. Clear quartz has been my go to option for creating family birthstone trees because of their beauty, their physical strength and their lower price point for my customers. 

There is more to consider than just price when choosing crystals. There have been a lot of negative actions surrounding diamonds. The conditions of diamond mines and the treatment of the people who work in them has made many people want to avoid supporting the diamond industry. This has led many people to search for other options. Historically, long before diamonds were declared as the birthstone for April, topaz, opals and sapphires were associated with the month. The diamond industry has come under fire for falsely inflating the price and using heavy advertising to convince people to buy more diamonds. When these actions were happening, the association between April and diamonds was also created - and it stuck. 

If you want to wear diamonds, socially conscious ones are available and they are beautiful. The price, however, still remains as a barrier, which is why in my artwork and jewelry, I am excited to introduce you to other options.

Clear quartz is the option that I am most familiar with. For years, I thought it was the only option. Quartz is an amazing energy clearer and helps balance the crown chakra like no other crystal. Quartz also amplifies the energies of any other crystal that it is paired with. If you really want a quartz option that is close to a diamond, Herkimer diamonds are the way to go. Herkimer diamonds are not diamonds, but amazingly pure quartz that naturally forms in a shape that looks like a beautifully carved and faceted diamond. Double terminated quartz in this shape can be found elsewhere in the world, but Herkimer diamonds are only found in Herkimer New York. 

Until researching this blog, I was unaware of topaz, Sapphires and opals as possible options for April. Topaz is a logical choice. Topaz can occur in clear or near clear varieties that resemble diamonds or quartz. White topaz releases blocked energy and helps with moving forward in life.

Sapphires, are often associated with September, however, traditionally they were associated with April in the Roman, Arabic, Russian, Italian and Hebrew calendars. Sapphire is a wonderful crystal from the throat and third eye chakras. It brings wisdom and knowledge from the divine.

Opals are often associated with October but the Roman and Tibetan calendars associate opals with April. Opals bring calm and enhance love and self worth. They can also stimulate creativity.

If you are looking for a unique gift for an April loved one, there is a selection of, jewellery, wire trees and pendulums, using the many options available for April birthstones. at

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