Amazing Amethyst: The Must Have Crystal for Everyone, Not Just People Born in February

Amazing Amethyst: The Must Have Crystal for Everyone, Not Just People Born in February

Amethyst is the first crystal I could identify as a child. It was an easy one to learn. Every member of my childhood family (myself included) were born in February and Amethyst is the birthstone associated with February. But I think there is a lure to amethyst that most all children feel, not just those born in February. When I do craft shows and artisan events, children are drawn to the crystals at my table and many are drawn to Amethyst in particular, regardless of the month of their birth. Adults are likewise attracted to Amethyst. Many who don’t know much about crystals often recognize amethyst even if they can’t name any others. So, what is it about amethyst that draws so many in?

There is a mystical, powerful energy to amethyst. The colour is reminiscent of lilacs and crocuses, and all the magic that comes with the blooms of these spring flowers. Ancient Greeks believed that amethyst was dyed purple by the tears of Dionysus. Historically, purple has often been associated with royalty and as such amethyst was often worn by royalty in various parts of the world including ancient Egypt and as part of the British Crown Jewells. It is reported to be a favorite of Catherine the Great.

 Associated with the third eye and crown chakras, amethyst can help anyone who wants a healthier spiritual life. It helps with the receiving of clear messages from the universe and your spiritual guides. Amethyst can also act as a protector of your energy and your aura, protecting from negative energy.

One of the most practical uses of Amethyst is in helping with a better sleep and banishing negative dreams.

Amethyst can help clear negative energy from yourself and your space, aid in meditation and intuition development and so much more, making it an essential crystal in everyone’s crystal tool kit.

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