Ajooba Stone – What Constitutes Unique or Precious

Ajooba Stone – What Constitutes Unique or Precious

I have loved rocks and crystals my whole life. I do not claim to know everything about all rocks and crystals but I was surprised and excited to recently discover a stone I had never heard of before (New discoveries like this are one reason why I am happy that I do not know everything). I came across ajooba stone a little while ago. I set out researching it and found that I could not find very much information about it. It is a beautiful and extraordinary stone so I was shocked that there was not more information about it. Then I discovered why.  Ajooba stone is not considered “precious” or “semi-precious” therefore it has not received much attention on the international scene.

The name Ajooba mean “unique” in Urdu, one of the languages spoken in the area where the stone is found. It is an excellent descriptor for this stone. Once I had some ajooba spheres in my physical presence I was able to truly appreciate how unique they are. When I held them in my hands I was struck by just how unique the energy of each one was. Of the three I received, each one emitted a different energy, all of which were positive. Although I found each of the stones alluring it was clear which one was meant for me. That one did not make it into my online store or to my craft fair stock ;)

So if these stones are considered unique why are they are not considered precious? And what do these words truly mean? I came across a fellow crystal enthusiast on a Facebook page for people who love crystals and stones and their metaphysical properties. She had an ajooba stone and was asking for assistance identifying it. After I helped her identify her stone she expressed frustration at not being able to find more information about the metaphysical properties of the sphere she loved so much. To me her love of this stone makes it precious – precious to the person who has possesses the stone. It is sort of a “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” thing. While classification such as precious and semi-precious are important in some jewellery circles for various reasons when we are looking for metaphysical properties we must be sure to not get all our information from outside sources. We must listen to our own internal responses to stones and crystals. If they are precious to us they are precious.

I often include information about metaphysical properties of stones on my listings and in discussions on my Facebook page. I find such descriptors useful when I am shopping for crystals and I hope all of you do as well. But I must always remember that they are just a guide. Crystals and stones of the same type generally have similar properties, but just like us, each stone or crystal is an individual. They can have helpful healing properties that go beyond the general tendencies for that classification of crystal. That is what makes them unique. This brings us back to the ajooba stone. Its name means unique and it is just that, both in its appearance and its energies. I think this is why I love this stone so much. My love of rocks, stones and crystals comes from the fact that each one is unique. I am fascinated by the fact that no matter how many of them I hold in my hands over my lifetime I will never hold two that are exactly the same.

The ajooba stone is a great reminder to us to never let others define for us whet is precious or unique or special whether it is in a crystal, a stone, or yourself.

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