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Wonder About Words Online Class

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This is a four week class, conducted entirely online. No need to travel, or find a babysitter. And you can participate no matter where you live.

We are surrounded by words everywhere we go. Spoken words, written words, loud and quiet words.... These word have an influence on our minds and our souls. This class is intended to help you take a critical look at the words that surround yourself with and enable you to take a more purposeful approach to the words that you allow into your space, your heart and your mind.

Class starts on Monday, October 22nd

The class includes:

four pre-recorded instructional videos (one introductory video and three lesson videos)

Three "assignments" to help you look more deeply at the lesson from the week

One audio guided meditation intended to help you synthesise all that you learned.

Access to the closed Facebook group to ask questions and have discussions with the instructor and fellow students.

Bonus: One month membership in the Metamorphic Spirit rockstars group. This is a closed Facebook group that gives you personalised one card readings each week as well as savings on card readings and physical products ($15.00 value)

You must provide an email that you use for Facebook access so that you can be added to the classroom page and the rockstar page.

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