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Wild Animal Stone Set

Product image 1Wild Animal Stone Set
Product image 2Wild Animal Stone Set
Product image 3Wild Animal Stone Set
Product image 4Wild Animal Stone Set
Product image 5Wild Animal Stone Set
Product image 6Wild Animal Stone Set
Product image 7Wild Animal Stone Set

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This is a set with a fun theme, yet powerful stones. This wild animal set includes on of each of the following; leopard skin jasper, leopardite jasper and crocodile jasper (kumbala). 

Leopard Skin Jasper

It is a stone of strength and vitality. Leopard skin jasper is a stone for your spiritual journey. It can help with shamanic journey and assist in connecting to your totem animal. It can also help with business success and prosperity.

Crocodile Jasper (Kambala Jasper)

Crocodile jasper can alleviate worry and dispel negative energy. It makes an excellent stone to carry in your pocket during times of stress. It can also help stop nightmares.

Leopardite Jasper

Leopardite Jasper Balances emotions and helps promote acceptance of both oneself and others. It is a calming stone that can aids in letting go of insecurity and internal and external conflict

Your stones will be intuitively chosen for you and will be of similar size, colour and shape as those in the picture. 

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