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Video Crystal Reading

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Crystals hold the cumulative knowledge of the world since the beginning if time. I use the same intuitive skills that I use with my oracle card readings to tap into the messages that the crystals and the universe they represent, want to share with you. I am particularly excited to offer crystal readings as they combine two of my greatest loves, crystals and intuitive readings.

Video crystal readings will be between 5 and 15 minutes long, depending on the messages the crystals have to give. Readings will be given within 5 business days of payment. You must provide an email address for the reading to be delivered too. 

My crystal readings are intended to deliver messages from the universe to help clients create their best possible life. Readings are not intended to predict the future- we create our own future.
Crystal readings are not a replacement for medical advice or mental health care. Clients are responsible for their own decisions and choices and interpretations of the messages from the universe. Anyone ordering crystal reading with me agrees to these terms.

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