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Unique Ajooba Sphere

Product image 1Unique Ajooba Sphere
Product image 2Unique Ajooba Sphere
Product image 3Unique Ajooba Sphere
Product image 4Unique Ajooba Sphere
Product image 5Unique Ajooba Sphere
Product image 6Unique Ajooba Sphere

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Although Ajooba stones are not technically considered a precious stone, they are very special indeed. Ajooba means “one of a kind” in Urdu and that certainly is how these amazing stones should be described. They are not a stone that is commonly found in most North American Crystal shops. Ajooba is an amazing positive energy generator. It is excellent for healing and meditation. It can bring about peace of mind and aid in balance and concentration. The first time I held an ajooba stone sphere I knew I was holding something very special.

In sphere form ajooba has additional energetic power. Spheres symbolize wholeness. They can increase self-awareness and clear thinking and can help unify the mind, body and spirit. The power of the crystal is radiated outwards in all directions when they are in the form of a sphere.

All stones will be of similar size, quality and colour as those pictured. The spheres are about 40 to 50 mm in size. Stones will be intuitively chosen especially for you.

Stands not included

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