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Selenite Grid Set

Product image 1Selenite Grid Set
Product image 2Selenite Grid Set
Product image 3Selenite Grid Set

Regular price $111.00

Large (6 inches across) Selentite charging plate/grid base set. The selenite plate can be used to clear and charge your crystals or use as a base for grid work to give your grids extra power. Comes with 6 peices of smoky citrine. Natural smoky citrine is a powerful crystal for clearing negative energy, and 6 peices of amethyst, and one very dark natural stand up smoky quartz point. Mix and match the amethyst and smoky citrine with your own crystals or use on their own. Selenite is an amazing crystal for clearing energy and you can use this plate to clear and charge your other crystals. Phoros were taken with a protective clear wrap on the selenite. Selenite is a very soft crystal, it will have scratches on it and it will get more... that is just the nature of the crystal, but it doesn't make it any less powerful. Special set price $111

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