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Pregnancy/Birth/Nursing Crystal Set

Product image 1Pregnancy/Birth/Nursing Crystal Set
Product image 2Pregnancy/Birth/Nursing Crystal Set
Product image 3Pregnancy/Birth/Nursing Crystal Set
Product image 4Pregnancy/Birth/Nursing Crystal Set
Product image 5Pregnancy/Birth/Nursing Crystal Set
Product image 6Pregnancy/Birth/Nursing Crystal Set
Product image 7Pregnancy/Birth/Nursing Crystal Set
Product image 8Pregnancy/Birth/Nursing Crystal Set
Product image 9Pregnancy/Birth/Nursing Crystal Set
Product image 10Pregnancy/Birth/Nursing Crystal Set
Product image 11Pregnancy/Birth/Nursing Crystal Set
Product image 12Pregnancy/Birth/Nursing Crystal Set
Product image 13Pregnancy/Birth/Nursing Crystal Set
Product image 14Pregnancy/Birth/Nursing Crystal Set

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Pregnancy, birth and caring for a new life can be both rewarding and challenging. This crystal set is designed to support you or someone you care about during this special time. The set includes one of each of the following crystals:

Amazonite: Amazonite is said to assist in childbirth and labour. It is also a calming stone as well as an excellent stone for the throat chakra. Speaking up for what is best for you and your child is an important part of the process and a healthy throat chakra can help with that.

Natural Indian Moonstone: All colours of natural moonstone are excellent for breastfeeding support. Moonstone also helps your body get into a healthy and natural rhythm and balances out hormones. This is helpful when your body adjusts to life after childbirth.

Black Amber: Black amber helps fight off infects, which is important when any time is spent in a hospital. It also helps with fertility. Black amber is good for the spine and back muscles. Pregnancy can be hard on the back muscles and black amber can help alleviate back muscle and spine issues.

Amethyst: Amethyst is great for skin health and with all the hormone fluctuation of pregnancy this can be a useful stone. Amethyst also supports healthy blood pressure, which is often an issue in pregnancy.

Blue Chalcedony: Stimulates milk production. Provides and inner calm and aids in acceptance of new situations - and a situation does not get any more "new" than a new baby.

All stones are cleansed in sunlight as well as moonlight before being sold. Your stones will be intuitively chosen for you and will be of the same quality and size as those in the picture. These are natural stone/crystals so colour, shape, size and texture will vary.

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The crystal healing information provided here is for guidance only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or service.

Any fees or import costs are the responsibility of buyers.

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