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Pietersite Pendants

Product image 1Pietersite Pendants
Product image 2Pietersite Pendants
Product image 3Pietersite Pendants
Product image 4Pietersite Pendants
Product image 5Pietersite Pendants
Product image 6Pietersite Pendants
Product image 7Pietersite Pendants
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Product image 9Pietersite Pendants

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Pietersite is a powerful stone. It is useful for spiritual journeys, increasing personal power and shamanic practices, just to name a few of its powers.

Each pitersite pendant is one of a kind and wrapped with love.

Several options are available. Pitersite comes in a variety of colours and patterns so their is a pietersite stone for every taste. Item C is a thinner cab, perfect for lighter weight pendants. Items A and B are thicker, more substantial cabs, perfect for statement pieces.

All available pendants are handcrafted in Alberta Canada using natural stones and copper or  silver plated copper wire. Each one comes with an adjustable cotton Chord. 

The crystal healing information provided here is for guidance only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or service.

Any fees or import costs are the responsibility of buyers.

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