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Mask E-Mail Reading

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Halloween is almost here. I love Halloween. It can be great fun to dress up and play make believe for a day. The excitement and the possibilities imagining yourself to be anyone you please can be fun for both adults and children. But when we wear a mask every day it hides our true self from the world. Masks that are forced upon us or that we impose on ourselves out of fear, worry or obligation can stand in the way of finding our true path. 

This Mask spread is a six card email spread intended to help you recognize why you may be wearing a mask, what that mask may be hiding from yourself and the world and how removing it can impact your life path and the world around you.

To receive your mask spread provide me with the email address you wish to have the photos of your cards and the messages I receive for you through the cards. 

email readings will be done within 72 hours of payment.

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