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Light Worker Bracelet Two

Product image 1light worker jewellery for sale
Product image 2fluorite, hematite and tourmaline bracelet for sale

Regular price $30.00

Lightworkers face unique challenges. We need to be grounded and protected from unwanted or negative energy but we need to open our third eye and crown chakra to receive insight and messages. We also need to keep our heart chakra healthy and protected and need a healthy throat chakra to communicate with the world. I have created a special line of bracelets designed to assist light workers in keeping themselves balanced and healthy. Each one addresses different needs of lightworks. They all incorporate grounding and protection.This bracelet is part of that line.

Constructed of memory wire for an adjustable fit, this bracelet features large hematite and black tourmaline chip beads for grounding and protection and multi coloured fluorite chip beads for the third eye and crown chakra.  This particular bracelet is intended to be highly protective and grounding while opening the third eye.

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