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Gaia Morse Code Braclet

Product image 1Gaia Morse Code Braclet
Product image 2Gaia Morse Code Braclet
Product image 3Gaia Morse Code Braclet
Product image 4Gaia Morse Code Braclet
Product image 5Gaia Morse Code Braclet
Product image 6Gaia Morse Code Braclet

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Let your crystals speak to you in a new way. Crystals and stones speak to us in many ways, providing comfort, healing, cleansing and more. The Morse code collection lets your crystals speak to you in a new way. International Morse code is used to spell meaningful words, incorporated into each piece to help heal, comfort and manifest your brightest future.

Gaia is the mother earth, the earth goddess and the energetic force of the earth itself. Her energy has been here long before us and will remain long after. Connecting to the spirit of Gaia cane deepen your connection to the planet and to your innermost being. Connect with Gaia to connect with the energetic force that flows through us all.

This piece features all natural yellow turquoise, a type of jasper, Russian serpentine and silver plated beads. A sliding knock makes it a perfect fit for any wrist size. An antique copper tree charm adds the finishing tough to this piece.

 Yellow turquoise useful for enhancing communicationintuition, and creativity.  It can also be used as a protection stone, that increases personal power.  It increases positive energy. It is s associated primarily with the solar plexus chakra but also is used to strengthen and align all the chakras.

Russian Serpentine helps you find inner peace and balances your emotions.


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