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Eudialyte Pendants

Product image 1Eudialyte Pendants
Product image 2Eudialyte Pendants
Product image 3Eudialyte Pendants
Product image 4Eudialyte Pendants
Product image 5Eudialyte Pendants
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Eudialyte increases love, harmony and  insight. Eudialyte is an excellent stone to encourage acceptance, helps you trust yourself and others while still expressing love. A powerful and rare stone that brings harmony and balance to the heart. Believed to dispel jealousy and awaken ones heart or mind whenever your soul mate reunite. It revitalizes personal power. Chakras: Root, Heart.

All available eudialyte pendants are handcrafted in Alberta Canada using natural stones and silver plated wire. Each one comes with an adjustable cotton Chord. 

The crystal healing information provided here is for guidance only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or service.

Any fees or import costs are the responsibility of buyers.

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