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Emerald Tree of Life Pendnat

Product image 1Emerald Tree of Life Pendnat
Product image 2Emerald Tree of Life Pendnat
Product image 3Emerald Tree of Life Pendnat
Product image 4Emerald Tree of Life Pendnat
Product image 5Emerald Tree of Life Pendnat
Product image 6Emerald Tree of Life Pendnat
Product image 7Emerald Tree of Life Pendnat
Product image 8Emerald Tree of Life Pendnat

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This pendant is the perfect way to combine two of May's birthstones in one piece. The background stone is a lovely black banded agate slice and the "leaves" of the tree are natural emerald chip beads. This pendant comes with a bonus stainless steel chain.

Emeralds have been highly sought after for centuries. They were mined in Egypt in the 1500s. Egyptians believed emeralds helped with fertility. The Incan Empire was mining emeralds and using them when the Spanish Explorers arrived. Roman soldiers carried emeralds to help increase focus and concentration. 

Traditionally they were believed to bring good luck and help protect against memory loss.

Spiritually, emeralds are associated with the heart chakra and can help aid health and vitality. Emeralds can help bring about unconditional love.

Banded agate is recognized by its distinctive banding of colours and comes in many different shades and is found all over the world. Banded agate can bring calm and soothing energy to the wearer.

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