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Crystal Grid Base Set One

Product image 1crystal grid base set for sale
Product image 2Crystal Grid Base Set One
Product image 3Crystal Grid Base Set One
Product image 4Crystal Grid Base Set One
Product image 5Crystal Grid Base Set One
Product image 6Crystal Grid Base Set One

Regular price $11.00

Please read the entire description before purchasing. Some photos show add-on kits and bases that can be combined with the base kit. This listing is for the base kit only.

Crystal grids combine the power of sacred geometry with the power of crystal energy to amplify your intentions and manifest you’re your dreams and goals.  They are highly versatile tools that can because for everything form manifesting abundance, love, prosperity, a greater connection to the divine… the possibilities are endless.

My crystal grid kits are designed to be customizable. Base kits can be used with crystals you already have in your collection. Add-on kits can be added as your needs change. They can even be mixed together.

My clear quartz base kits are excellent for gird work because so many grid “recipes” require clear quartz. Clear quartz points are an excellent addition to any grid because it amplifies your intentions and amplifies the energies of the other crystals. The points help focus the energy and the clear quartz brings positive energy to the grid.

This kit comes with six micro quartz points. These are natural quartz points and have not been artificially shaped. As, they are natural stones, there will be flaws and imperfections in them. The crystals you receive will be intuitively chosen for you and will be of similar size and quality as those in the pictures.

Please note that this set does not have a central stand up generator point. I have other sets that do come with a center crystal. This is a great set if you already have a generator crystal that you like to use.

Also note: this listing is for the six quartz points only. I sell separate add-on crystal kits so you can customize your grid. Some of the pictures show the add-on kits as an example of what can be done with the base kit and either my add-on kits or crystals you may already have.

The wooden grid base is also not included in this listing. I have other listings for grid bases and kits that include a base if you would like one.


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The crystal healing information provided here is for guidance only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or service.


Any fees or import costs are the responsibility of buyers.

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