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Custom Orders

I love creating custom orders. I will work with you to select the crystals, rocks and wire to make something special either as a gift for someone else or a gift for yourself.

Custom Order Trees from Metamorphic Spirit

Step one: Choose Your Style

Although each tree is unique and I am constantly trying new things there are four general categories under which my tree styles fall. This is the best place to start when designing your tree, as different styles work best for different purposes.


These trees are more stylized. They have one stone at the end of each branch. These trees work best for Family trees as it is easy to identify each family member. Some branches are finished with a curl to allow for various family sizes as well as for any additional family members that may need to be added in the future.




Light and Airy

These trees have longer branches with stones spaced a short distance apart with loops in the wire. They let light through and accentuate each individual stone. This is a good option for larger trees so that they are not top heavy as well as a good option for rare or more expensive stones that you want to bring into your space without paying a lot of money for large numbers of stones.



These trees have medium length branches of various sizes. The stones are strung tightly onto each branch. These trees require many more stones that the classic or the Light and Airy so they are much heavier. These trees have a very natural “real tree” look. They are excellent as decorative pieces or as crystal healing pieces as a variety of combinations of stones and crystals can be used.



Weeping Willow

Similar to the “Full” style but with much longer branches that hang down in the style of a weeping willow tree. These use the largest number of stones so extra time may be needed to complete weeping willow trees both because they take longer to make and because I may need to order more stones in to be sure I have enough for the project. They are a beautiful tree and worth the wait.






Step Two: Choose Your Size

My trees range from as small as 2 inches to as large as 12 or 14 inches. Not all styles work with all sizes. We can discuss your purpose for your custom tree to help determine the best size and style combination that will provide you with the most beautiful tree to suit your needs.


Step Three: Choose Your Stones

I carry birth stones for every month as well as over 50 other styles of stone that can be used as “leaves” on your tree. If I don’t have what you need in stock I can likely find it for you.

Step Four: Choose Your Wire

I make trees using various colours of wire. Silver, copper, and copper mix (bright copper, antique copper and antique brass) are the three colours available. If you require a different wire colour I can do a special order.

Step Five: Choose Your Base

Two styles of bases are available

Base Rock: I have various colours, shapes and sizes of base rocks that your tree can be attached too based on the colours in the tree and the stability needs.

Container Base: small plates, bowls and other bases can be used with small polished rocks around the roots for extra sparkle.

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