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Those who are drawn to aquamarine are also drawn to ocean energy. Aqua;marine carries the calming, free flowing energy of the ocean. The color of aquamarine is perfectly suited to balance the throat chakra, making it excellent for actors and entertains. The calming and leadership qualities of aquamarine make it an excellent crystal for those who like to help others find ways to ease stress, such as yoga instructors. 

If you do not feel these qualities describe you , it may mean that you were drawn to the qualities of aquamarine because you are seeking more peace in your life or need help to balance and clear your throat chakra so that your message can be better understood by those in your life.

Do you feel aquamarine is the right crystal for you? March has other birthstones. For more information about them and to see if they are a better fit for your personality check out my March blog.

For the month of March my March birthstone collection of artwork and jewelry is 25% off.


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