New "Book Lover's" Sari Silk Bookmarks are here!! Buy 2, get one free!

Sari Silk Bookmarks

Buy 2, get one free !!!!

These bookmarks are my original creation. They came about when I needed more bookmarks and decided to make a few for myself that had everything I wanted in a bookmark - thus my sari silk bookmarks were born. They are made with upcycled sari silk and chiffon fabric, stainless steel Lasor engraved charms and of coarse, gemstone beads. 

reasons why these bookmarks rock: 

1. you can keep your place on two separate pages for going back to re-read a section of your book.

2. The sari silk is gentle of the pages of your book

3. They can be used in reading books or journals

4. They are great for fidgety readers like me (no more clicking my pen when I read, driving my family nuts).

5. They haver gemstone beads and colorful silk :)

6. The charms come from  a small independent business and the sari silk comes from remnants from sari factories, thus supporting other small businesses and cutting down on waste. 


Both the sari silk and the gemstone beads may vary in colour as they are natural materials and the sari silk is upcycled.

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