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April: More Birthstone Options than You Realized

Diamonds are the most common contemporary birthstone for the month of April but there are other options. Clear quartz, topaz, sapphires and opals as possible options for April. 

Clear quartz is often used as a substitute for diamonds, because both have the same clear color and sparkle.

Topaz is another logical choice.  Topaz can occur in clear or near clear varieties that resemble diamonds or quartz. White topaz releases blocked energy and helps with moving forward in life.

Sapphires, are often associated with September, however, traditionally they were associated with April in the Roman, Arabic, Russian, Italian and Hebrew calendars. Sapphire is a wonderful crystal from the throat and third eye chakras. It brings wisdom and knowledge from the divine.

Opals are often associated with October but the Roman and Tibetan calendars associate opals with April. Opals bring calm and enhance love and self worth. They can also stimulate creativity.

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